Rug Thom

    Rug Thom


    Product description

    The sturdy Thom Rug is made of 65% hemp 25% jute and 10% cotton fabric. Jute fabric is a long, soft and strong bast fiber that can be spun into rough, strong threads. It is obtained from plants mainly found in warm, humid regions of India. The Thom Rug is available in the colors brown and natural and has a size of 170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm. The colors can be combined well with the color of your other (fabric) interior. 


    Rugs made of natural fibers also have a great advantage, they are anti-allergic! Natural fibers such as those from jute and hemp make it difficult for house dust mites to settle in the fibers, but rather stay on top of them. Ready to be vacuumed and disposed of! In addition, these natural fibers have the ability to trap dust particles and neutralize them.

    Home couture

    ML Fabrics presents an extensive collection of products with a natural blend, specially designed for stylish living in everyday life: a private label of bed linen, linen cushions, throws, a wide range of velvet cushions and jute & hemp rugs.

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